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Thursday, November 03, 2005

It’s been a while since I have been able to post. The photos below are all of the Balakot area of Northern Pakistan.

I would like to say a special hello to the development class in Tulsa Oklahoma who is following this blog and the developments of this tragedy in Pakistan. I encourage all of you to get involved in humanitarian work and stay at the cutting edge of new technologies and strategies that need to be implemented in the humanitarian world to reduce suffering.

I will be doing some heavy traveling in the next couple weeks evaluating the UN food distribution sites that are being run by local NGO’s and will also be inspecting a number of field hospitals in the worst effected areas. I will be working on behalf of a large international NGO who has taken on a lot of responsibility in this crisis and has the insight to be looking forward with a five year plan.

Try to get some more photos up soon, but bandwidth here is extremely problematic.


  • I believe we met before many years ago. Our daughter Corinne passed on your blog site details to us – she worked at Bach for some weeks a few years ago. I had quite a lot to do with Bach Hospital back in 1981-2 when the hospital was being extended at that time.

    The reason I am writing is that we are putting on at our church in Cambridge a concert of Indian music (a Christian group called Aradhna) on December 3rd and have agreed to make this an earthquake appeal for funds toward the victims of the recent earthquake in your part of the world. We’re hoping a number of Indians and Pakistanis will be joining us on that day.

    We have already read about the some of the work that Bach hospital is doing, and would like to know more, with a view to being able to support the work that you are doing. In particular, we would like to get some digital photos of what Bach is doing regarding the earthquake so that we can make up a “power point” presentation running with brief descriptions about what is being done. I’m not sure whether you know how to reply to this or who else to write to at Bach Hospital, so maybe you could forward this on to whoever may be able to advise us about:

    a) Can we use your digital pictures for a presentation? Do you have access to any others of what Bach is doing?

    b) Can you give us an idea of what the current problems/challenges are?

    c) Is there any particular story of hope or encouragement we could

    d) If we sent money, how would it be used?

    e) How do we send money – does Bach Hospital have a UK bank account we could put Sterling money into?

    I’ve no idea what number of people will attend our concert or what sums we might raise so I don’t want to promise anything at the moment. But we would be grateful for your response.

    With warm regards

    Stuart & Sue Anderson
    (used to live in Pakistan 1978-1994)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/21/2005 3:54 PM  

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